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Thread: Plan of action. Please help.

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    Plan of action. Please help.

    Hey guys

    I guess you will have seen these type of threads over and over, but I would really appreciate the help.

    Basically, I want to create my own website. I don't have any knowledge of how to do so apart from the reccommended website 'W3 schools' in which I've begun to learn HTML.

    To get to the point, as someone who is a complete beginner, what should I be realistically be doing step by step in order to teach myself and ultimately build a good website. I'm not looking for shortcuts, because I want it to be worthwhile, however I'd love advice from experienced creators of website so I'm not wasting my time in different areas.

    All I've got so far is to learn HTML and CSS. Is that the place to start?

    If you could break it down in to what order you'd go about it for e.g Learn HTML, CSS and so on.

    Thanks a lot


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    ok, that's my order of learning web development. First, I've learned html/css, actually it's enough to build static web sites. Then I started learning JavaScript and PHP, actually I'm still in progress now And while learning scripting languages you could take a look at CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal. Good luck!

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