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Thread: How many hits did that other guys website get?

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    How many hits did that other guys website get?

    I'm in a design phase right now of a website. Thinking about the general flow of things.

    My website will have users who login, and try to sell an advertising spot of there own web site. In order to accomplish this I would like to be able to track how many unique IP hits each of these websites recieves on a given day. That way when some corporation places some money down to advertise somewhere, they will know what they are getting for there money. The website owners will be placing a little code of mine on there websites, to fill the empty advertising space. This is where I hope to sneak the counter in.

    So does anyone know of a way I can track there hits, and feed it back to my webpage?

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    You should have to add some Javascript to your web site. This javascript is then used to track visitors data. Otherwise you can seek the help of companies like Site Meter to remotely track the visitors.
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