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    Question Web hosting server for enthusiast ?

    My apoglogies in advacned,If I'm breaking forum policies/practices.

    My Background:
    I come from software development domain with reach knowledge of VoIP networking protocols design and Linux environment. I would like to take up web development as a hobby and would want learn more about it.

    The Info I got from this forum
    A thread by Daniel94 has really good inputs on starting point. Also Alan give useful and precise tips for beginner like me.

    What I'm looking for:
    Any suggestion for web hosting and domain name registration service? I know this question has been asked number of times here, but what If I list down my requirements, can you guys please help me with that ?

    1. The primary purpose of the site is to host my blog.
    2. It will act as my playground to try and learn new web development techniques.
    3. I prefer Linux based hosting server.
    4. It will not have any commercial aspect, neither I'm interested in handling high bandwidth traffic.
    5. I'm not specifically looking for "cheapo" option, I would rather prefer value-for-money

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    There are plenty of good Linux hosting service providers around. I'd only suggest you to compare a few of them, to contact them before making your decision and to check their business record, by searching in an appropriate WhoIs registries, Search engines and local directories.
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