Hi, I have a problem that I don't know if there is a possible solution. I just started working for a health company that gave me a website to use to sell their products for commission. Whenever someone goes to my website it seems a cookie or tracker is put on the customers computer for present and future sells. Basically it makes sure I get credit for the sale. But here is my problem. If I link directly to the product sale page and a customer(who has never visit my website) clicks on that link, the cookie/tracker is not being put on their computer. It does not know that the link came from my website. (no credit for the sale)

I was thinking there has to be a way to redirect 2 times in one of the programming or web design languages. For example the customer clicks on the product link but it sends them to my site first than redirects them back to the produt???
Or maybe a better and not so complicated way

I hope I didnt make this sound to complicated but If I can get someone to figure this out I am willing to pay. Please PM if interested.