Invited php-programmer with experience in web development from 3 years and above.
Important to have experience in creating and maintaining high load systems
(Sites with many users).

Required Skills:
- Native function of PHP - Advanced Level
- Zend framework - the average level of
- MySQL - Advanced Level
- NoSQL - entry level
- Skills algorithmization - Advanced Level
- Setting up the server software - basic level
- The presence in the portfolio of experience developing heavy-systems -
- Ability to understand someone else's code - required

Full-time, the combination is not allowed.
5 days to 8 hours.
Remote work.
In the team.
Communication through Skype and through the bugtracker.

Payment - from $ 1500 for an interview.
Probationary period - 3 weeks to pay 60% of the stake.
Bonuses and awards for performance.

Fill out the form via the website:
We must receive your letter and invite you for an interview