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Thread: Need a Website Making

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    Need a Website Making

    Hey Everyone.

    So I'm looking, and or just starting to take upon the idea of getting a website made for my "so-called" business. My Business in-short, as this is only just a starting point and with keeping security tight, a "so-called" index website for advice lines (for all over the world).

    I will need a website designer to help me:

    * Give me advice on a cheap/easy to use domain and website hoster - I have been looking at some of the hostgator packages that can be found here -
    * Work with me to design and code the website, i can manage the setup since i have basic knowledge of how to use FTP to get it setup, and some HTML experience, so i can do the up-keeping of the website.

    The website isn't going to have to be the best looking, or the have the best back-end coding. I am looking for something easy to use, cheap and cheeful.

    The website will need to let users join up to the site, by creating an account, then it should let them submit and maintain their advice website, the advice website they submit will be sorted into sections on the website. I might also look at getting a simple forum intergrated into the site, maybe Phpbb3.

    The user must also be able to search, for advice by tags.
    There will also be some other bits and bob's must these are only little things.

    My budget is along the lines of 100-150 GBP.

    If you think you are able to do this, please email me at:,

    Thanks in advance.

    Advising You, Today.

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    you can contact us with my website We can give you good discounts for your services.

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