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Thread: Starting assisting on company's website - really like it and want to do it fulltime

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    Starting assisting on company's website - really like it and want to do it fulltime

    This is my first post. Glad to be a new member of this website.

    I currently work for a financial institution in nyc and help maintain our website. I was initially put on a project in mid 2010 to help rebuild our department’s website and had no experience at all. I started to take a few classes that a tech-teaching firm was offering in nyc and I really enjoyed it a lot. For my company’s website I basically help with the html coding and css updates when need be. I really enjoy when I get to update our website but that is not my full time job. I would really love to find a full time job doing this somewhere, but don’t want to go the freelance route. I have a good understanding of html, css but feel like I can always improve. I also have a basic understanding of jquery.

    I am always willing to learn/improve if I can find a job that will help me learn while I am assisting with the website upkeep. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Trying to get my foot in the door some how.

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    you can get fulltime work if you first want to go for site like /
    from freelance you can be offered online fulltime job.
    goodluck for you

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