Looking for a few full time web developers to join our team. You will be working on various challenging projects including:

1) Scaling databases to be usable by terabytes
2) Developing sophisticated algorithms
3) Changing various items on websites

If these sound good to you, please do fill out our application here: http://www.wlmarketing.com/webdev.html.

1) Availability via IM during normal business hours. Emails are expected to be responded to within minutes during business hours and no later than 24 hours in most cases. For all intents and purposes, you will be a member of our team and we depend on you!
2) Availability nearly all days of the week, excluding major holidays.
3) Familiarity with MySQL, Indexing, B+ Trees, Hash Joins, etc.
4) Familiarity with Algorithms, including concepts such as NP Completeness
5) Familiarity with ssh
6) Familiarity with vi
7) Familiarity with wordpress
8) Familiarity with google analytics, webmaster tools, etc.
9) Familiarity with adsense/msn adcenter
10) Familiarity with Apache
11) Familiarity with DNS
12) Familiarity with AWS/EC2
13) Familiarity with VBulletin
14) Familiarity with Linux/Unix commands and use of cron
15) Familiarity with javascript
16) US/UK a plus.
17) SEO familiarity a plus.

We are a growing company and look forward to your contribution and our growth together!

Please make sure all applications go through:

http://www.wlmarketing.com/webdev.html or
http://www.wlmarketing.com/senior_webdev.html for a more involved questionaire.

This is currently the only channel where we are accepting applications at this time.