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Thread: iPhone/Touch To-Do app?

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    iPhone/Touch To-Do app?

    Ok, I'm a little desperate to have a handheld computer again. The last one I had was a palm V, that I threw away years ago.

    The ipod touch 4g looks amazing, and I think it's going to make it into my Amazon shopping cart pretty soon. However, one of the reasons for a handheld is to have a To-Do app (preferably gtd-style - getting things done), that will also sync to the web.

    The ones that I've seen that sync only to a desktop, well... the desktop means Mac in those cases, and I'm not a Mac person. If there were one that syncs to a Windows desktop app, that would be good, but I'm doubting that exists.. ipod is very Mac-centric.

    Anyone out there use a Touch and have Windows, and found a syncable to-do app that sync either to a Windows desktop, or to the web ?

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    As long as you have an itunes on your pc you can sync the ipod even though you are using a windows pc. If I'm not mistaken there is a software that you could use now I have to sort my brain to remember that name of that software.

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