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Thread: Looking for someone who can help me with my GoDaddy Website Tonight Site

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    Looking for someone who can help me with my GoDaddy Website Tonight Site

    I have a website for my elementary class called I have it on GoDaddy, and it is on a "Website Tonight" account. It has a pretty simple CMS. There are some things I want to do that I can't figure out, like how to add images to the blocks that are empty right now, for lack of a better word. These "blocks" seem to be made up of tall, thin rectangles that repeat themselves. They look boring and I would like to put images in their place.
    Anyone out there know how to do the things I am talking about? If this is something that you have experience with (and by that I man customizing GoDaddy Website Tonight sites), I would consider hiring you. Lemme know and thanks

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    I'd be willing to help you with this if you are interested. Unfortunately the godaddy website tonight system is fairly limited with what you can do and can be pretty finicky to work sometimes. I have had experience with the system, but theres only so much you can do. Here is a website I developed under the system for a client. Most of the work was done reworking the graphics to make it look more dynamic.

    My recommendation would be to install the CMS Wordpress in your godaddy hosting and apply one of the many themes available for it. There you can customize the images for a more professional looking website with home page sliders ect.

    Here is some work I've done with wordpress sites.


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