What I am attempting to do is call a server side script (preferably in Ruby) from a client-side JavaScript/jQuery program.
$.get("/cgi-bin/helloWorld.cgi", processReturn(data));
Is my latest attempt at ANY client <-> server communication with no luck. At first I was using $.ajax(...); and same thing, 500. I tried all different sets of attributes. I tried an exact match to a resolution from a forum post where the user was trying to do the exact same thing. I have tried using Ruby, Python and CGI/Perl.
Considering how simple the server side script is, I don't think the problem is in there, either way:
print 'Content-Type text/plain\n\n';
print 'Hello world!';
Have tried: #!/usr/bin/perl
" instead of '
and of course changed coding to match whatever language I was using. I am absolutely stuck. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
Oh, and I have already made the file executable.