Hello guys this is my first post and i hope its in the correct section. My buddy and i are trying to learn the basics of web design and start a site. We have a custom domain on blogger.com at the moment and we cant get html5 to work with it. The blogger format allows xml templates for basic use with little customization unless you upload your own xml. Theres a button that allows you to switch to their old format which lets you put in html and removes the widgets etc. While were working on the site basics im trying to use an under-construction site template but its not xml and i cant get it to work with html. The download included index.html, jquery, and a css sheet. How do i get those together to create an xml for blogger? When i switched to html blogger format i combined the index.html and css and i saw the colors but what do i do with the jquery? Im sorry if this post seems clutted or doesnt make any sense but heres the template im trying to use for blogger. Thank you in advance!

Site template