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Thread: MySQL Query question

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    MySQL Query question

    I'm doing a ranking system which includes searching someone's rank. When the result is returned, I want to show the two people before that person and the two people after that person. I'm not sure of what type of query I would use.

    My standard query would be $mysqli->query("SELECT rank,name FROM users WHERE name = '$search' LIMIT 1");
    but in this case, I want to also retrieve the other users as well.

    Rank Name
    50 Person1
    51 Person2
    54 Person4
    55 Person5

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    Some pseudo code for you:

    1. Get Rank of Person
    SELECT rank, name FROM users WHERE name='$search' LIMIT 1

    2. Calculate Min and Max rank
    $rank_max = $rank + 3;
    $rank_min = $rank - 2;

    3. Get Range of People
    SELECT rank, name FROM users WHERE rank < $rank_max AND rank > $rank_min LIMIT 5

    Get what I mean?

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