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Thread: I require assistance with URL indexing

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    I require assistance with URL indexing

    I really necessitate your aid here and I really require it for URL indexing. My website was only launched recently. Regularly, I include articles as well as quality news. My website is not indexed as of the moment. I desire to be indexed in Google to attain my index, I submitted my sitemap already. I require your advices and suggestions on how to conduct this rapidly. What will I necessitate to boost my ranking? I desire to determine the profitable strategies in SEO. thanks for the response.

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    You sure canít force your website in the index but you can try catalysing the process. Hereís how:
    - Use fetch as Google bot tool
    - Submit an XML sitemap to Google
    - Submit your website to social bookmarking websites
    - Acquire some relevant Inbound Links from authority sites that get crawled frequently
    - Develop a do-follow internal linking structure
    - Submit your RSS feed to search engines
    - Ping the search engines
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