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Thread: A few questions about starting a website.

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    A few questions about starting a website.

    Hi just a few questions.. Im starting up a website and have registered a domain name already. Should I be registering a business name to? Also how do I go about getting some terms and conditions/privacy policy written up professionally. Do I really need them?
    The website is for users to blog.

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    I am sharing you some steps to start website.

    1:- Register a Domain.
    2:- Get Hosting.
    3:- Design.
    4:- Unique Content.
    5:- On-page Optimization.
    6:- Off-page Optimization.

    these are important and basic heading to start new website.

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    I also believe James have given a basic steps, some points I can include that if he want a good site take professional services also.
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    You can get it done by some online content writers for privacy policy and terms and others. Just a simple content in 200 words will be enough. For Ecommerce like Websites, special care need to be taken on these Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

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