Email newsletter software enables businesses or marketers to create and send email marketing campaigns easily, effectively, and without much training.

1.Newsletter software with hundreds of high-designed templates which offers easy built-in editors. It allows you to instantly edit your newsletter text, insert new feature images, and add links.

2.Newsletter software services offer advance scheduling - you can set up your newsletter to be sent out days, weeks or even months in advance. And it will automatically go out on the day and time you specify.

3.Newsletter software is the application that manages one or more mailing lists and sends mass emails to the contacts in mailing lists. It is designed to help businesses maintain and develop deep relationship with their customers and prospects by sending bulk emails.

4.Newsletter software can not only help to grow the email list but also help to analyze the users data. It costs very little to use and offers you great features that will assist you in keeping track of your successes.