The prize of the contest is to win my 3'th book called Happy No2 ( 5.71$ money value ).

I have 10 copies that I'll give to the first 10 people that will post here that they want the book.
What should you post?
Your interest in participating to this contest and a link to their Facebook, Twitter or simply showing that they posted somewhere on the net this text:
I became incited reading parts from this personal development book: Happy No2
All I need from here is the email address to deliver the e-book.
The admin(s) of this forum will get it for free as thanks for letting me have this topic on their forum ( all they have to do is PM with their email address ).

What you get?
The intro on the first page will tell it better ( in short: feeling happy regardless of you situation in society )
About me: 3 books written, 1300+ articles, trainings and coaching in the last 15 years.
If you want to win something for sure ... here is your chance.