Hi everybody,

I am looking for some advice on this:

At this point, I define four <DIV> elements in an external CSS document. There is a static "Header" and "Footer", and a left <DIV> "Navigation" that will eventually contain a linking menu and a right <DIV> that I am calling "Content".

I've done all of this because I am assuming that since the "Header" and "Footer" are never going to change there is no point in redrawing a whole new page if only the "Content" is going to change. (I'm thinking that navigation will be much faster for a visitor if I can just fill the "Content" container with esssentially Rech Text.

So... for example I could have one menu selection for "Resume". The link could be <a href="resume.html">"Resume"</a>. Sadly, that isn't what I want to do. I'm trying to discover a statement that will send resume.html just into the <DIV ID="content"> ummm area?

Does this make sense?