Good Day All!

I need some help with structuring my categories. I run a classified advertising website and I want to really do a good job on the categories. Could anyone help me come up with the categories (there will be 3 levels)? What do I mean by three levels? Well, the first level is the Listing Type, (Main Categories), then there will 3 additional levels of sub-categories. I really would appreciate it if you can help me get the category structure organized so it makes sense. I think I have been on the right track, but I have hit some bumps in the road which need to be looked that by someone that is really good at organizing a category structure. If you can offer me some time in doing one listing type of your choice, I will pay you to do the rest. Just show me you have a good organized category structure in mind, and I will work things out from there.

The website in question is:

You will need to login as demo for both user/pass and then go to the post ad link in navigation menu at the top of the homepage on the post ad page, you will choose classified ads link then you will be presented with the post ad page with the listing types as radio buttons and the categories below. You will notice when you choose a listing type, there will be a blue box with categories, then choose a category then a sub-category box will appear next to that, and finally the third level of categories. That is what I a referring to 3 levels to be organized. Your mission will be to make sure all three levels of categories make sense for each listing type.

All the Best!