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Thread: How to set up "register/ log in" & user friendly "upload/download" feature on my site

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    How to set up "register/ log in" & user friendly "upload/download" feature on my site

    Hi there.

    This is my first post. Be kind! The title says it all really.

    I'm setting up a website ( I'm going to provide a trumpet recording service for music producers who want a real trumpet on their tracks instead of some cr**py synth/sampled trumpet.

    I need them to be able to upload their mp3's and other files to my site and later download the wav files that I've recorded for them.

    I also want to set up an "audition" section where they can listen to the music I've recorded for them in a real player audio stream or something that they can't download and save.

    I hope one of you geniuses can help!


    I look forward to some responses.



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    You're going to have to use some scripting. Depending on what your web host provides probably either asp or php. There are many scripts for handling uploads and downloads already made. You can find them at places like or Alternativly, you could write your own. The advantage of writing your own is that you can enhance the security and functionality of the script by customising it to mp3 and similar files. You can check that people aren't uploading junk or worse, viruses, to your site using the script.

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