I've been building websites for a while and each of these have been up for a while, I'm just looking for any suggestions that anybody may have...

LOUD Graphics
This is my "business" site, even though I don't get much business. It's a Flash site with sound, but bear with me as I'm still working on my skills in Flash.

This is the MySpace page for a concert that I put on, but I have a lot of work invested in it. I'd like to know what everybody thinks.

A Postcard Hello
This is a site I designed for a fellow musician. It'll require IE7 to view correctly due to the transparencies in the PNG images, but if your browser supports it it's a good looking site. The links are not yet functional.

My personal site. It's a work in progress that's probably going to be completely redone Web 2.0 style, but I'd still like to know what you think.

Thanks in advance everybody!!!