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Time Remaining: 27d 20h 49m (ends Sep 25, 2008 21:43 U.S. Eastern Time)

Job Description
The video is done in mp4 and already compressed. You will need to package it in a way that is easy to load:

1. The video takes a big chunk of the bandwidth when loading so we will need to delay it just by a couple of seconds (please test and come up with the best variable) let all the images load and then the video plays

2. There should a freeze frame which I will send u in the place of the video until the video start to play.

3. The same image will take the place of the video when itís done playing.

4. I would like to have a cookie set that will recognize unique visitors per visit and will not auto play the video on the next visit automatically until they press play

5. All the players should auto hide and when mouse over they should fade in

6. The same will apply for all other pages. The videos should have a freeze frame that will change to freeze frames fading in at the end of the video and fade out before the video starts to play. (Please use the custom made player we have already developed on the front page)

7. The custom made player will be used throughout the page just a bit smaller in size I will snaps are included for guidance

8. In the FAQ section (driven via admin) there is a gap on the bottom of all the videos where they play please close the gap. (If the initial code is fixed all the videos should play right)

9. The video that will play in the free trial as a result of putting your web address is shrunk please fix the size to the exact size it should be. (Check the actual video file)

more details, go to