I don't know if this is a settings problem Dreamweaver or what,
but...Let me try to explain what is happening..

A friend of mine wanted me to adjust his website that he had created using Frontpage. I have Dreamweaver CS4, so I created a new site in DW and I downloaded all of his website pages to my computer. Everything looked fine, but the strange thing is that when I open up any of the pages to edit them, only part of the page is displayed in the (design) viewing area. I checked and I do have all of the associated file on my computer, and when I preview the page in a browser it does bring up the entire page.
Here's one other interesting thing that is going on..
if I go into the code view in DW, and click on the DIV tag that represents the area that isn't showing up in that design view, then magically the area appears in the design view.
This is happening with all of the HTML pages in this site. When I open up a page, for instance the index page, only the header and menu bar appear unless I click on the DIV Tag in the code view of the area that isn't showing in the design view.

I realize that trying to explain this may be a little confusing,
but it is really frustrating me, and I can't figure out why it it happening.

Thanx for any and all help with this problem,