first of all i am not a programmer, but during this summer i want to create some websites and i am in need of some advice and recommendations.
i will explain at first some of the things i want to make and then ill ask my questions:

1. a div that can view other websites
2. a script that can access other websites and retain certain information from there
3. a script that does mathematical calculations and it can be opened in a separate window and have the possibility to make it "always on top" by clicking a button in the script

my questions are:

what are the programming languages in which these can be done?
i think that php and javascript should be the answer, and java applet for the 3rd but i'd like to avoid java applets
how complex will the script be?
what books/ebooks/websites should i check for answers in how to make them or how to learn to make them

thanks in advance for your replies