hi i am Mustafa Neguib and i am 21 years old. i am from Pakistan and i am currently enroled in a bachelors of computer science degree at FAST NU Lahore (Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology ) or also known as National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences.

i will be starting my 5th semester/out of 8 semesters or my 3rd year hopefully in august 2009.

i have been engaged in webdevelopment since 2005 around the same time i started my advanced levels.

i just launched my first open source content management system , Theeta CMS after developing it for a year. The current stable version is 0.0

i plan to continue to develop it in the near future and i hope that the experience of building a cms helps me in my professional life and also my education.

the programming languages that i know and have worked on are,
c++, Assembly (X88 processor programming), PHP

i have read the Java book just recently but havent made any programs on it yet so can't say that i can program in it.

I also know HTML/XHTML, CSS and MYSQL .

I make my own graphics and have some experience in adobe illustrator and coreldraw. i have used photoshop before but dont use it anymore.

oh ya i forgot , i am running my own software house, MN Tech Solutions and i am engaged in web development at the moment.

i love to read books, especially books about programming, and web development and also some fantasy books.

i used to play cricket, and tried table tennis (started playing at my uni, but had to stop when it was affecting my studies), but have stopped playing sports because i have become quite lazy since i started my uni and prefer to sit infront of my computer either programming or making logic for new programs.

thats all for me for now, and i hope that i learn alot here and i also give out what i have learnt over the years and help my fellow posters.