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Thread: Scrolling issue

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    Scrolling issue

    I've having trouble with this sample. The image is sitting up too high.

    Here is the link. It will explain it more.

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    When I looked at your page the stadium map was up on the right in Firefox but right down on the left under number 28 seat location in IE7. I assume that you want it up on the right and these edits made it do that in IE7:-

    .formated_table_small {     
    border:none;                               float: left;
    margin:3px 0;
    .formated_table_brian {              float: right;                 
    margin:3px 0;
    Code downloaded to my PC will be deleted in due course.
    WIN7; IE9, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari for Windows; screen resolution usually 1366*768.
    Also IE6 on W98 with 800*600 and IE8 on Vista 1440*900.

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