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Thread: shopping cart software for Wordpress AND html sites?

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    dreambird Guest

    shopping cart software for Wordpress AND html sites?

    Hi there. I'm a web designer that's new to shopping carts. I've created sites in both html (using dreamweaver) and Wordpress, and would like to be able to offer integrated shopping carts to my customers.

    My clients are mostly artists, like myself... so they need web galleries to showcase their artworks as well as sell them.

    I started researching software that can be integrated into Wordpress so that customers can update sites on their own, and found a nice list of Wordpress Integrated software to compare (including Wordpress Ecommerce, WP eStore Plugin, and

    Then I realized that my own site is html based and I need to learn a program that will help me add a shopping cart to it (as well as for other artists who already have an html site and don't want to redesign in blog format. For this, I came up with a list of Open Source Shopping Carts (including Magento, Prestashop, osCommerce, zen-cart, opencart, and Cubecart).

    Before I refine my research and download or buy any of these products, I thought it might be a good idea to query other designers to see if there is anything out there that can be used for BOTH html and wordpress sites. (web design is only one of my freelance jobs, so I don't have unlimited time to learn new programs!) Also, if anyone is particularly familiar with the needs of shopping carts for art-related products, that would also be helpful.

    Thanks in advance if anyone has advice or experience to share!
    Robin Urton

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    lukewildman Guest
    For this I would advise offering your clients a fully hosted shopping cart system! It would be pointless adding ecommerce functionality to a wordpress site :]! I would recommend sites such as Absolute web designs absolute shopping shopping cart, ekm powershop etc...

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