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Thread: Options to frames

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    Options to frames

    I am starting in the web development arena and I have a question. In my playing with web design, I have always used frames to simplify the creation of a site and reduce duplicate code from each page such as navigation, header, footer. Now, the class I am taking is prohibiting the use of frames but not offering another option to accomplish the same thing. The teach said it could be done using asp or php or some other scripting languages but will not go farther than that.

    Could someone point me to a site, tutorial, book, or something that will get me started?

    I ask, becasuse for our class project, we are to create a commercial like site with approximately 10 - 12 pages and I feel that duplicating the navigation and similar items is a bit tedious.

    Thank you advance for any help you can give.

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    There are two methods shown here:-
    The first paragraph is general and applies to both methods. The SHTML method is not used much now as PHP "includes" are much more popular and a PHP page can do lots of other things like web forms.

    The PHP method means that you have several main pages and you insert common sections like a header or menu or footer into every main page with PHP code like
    <?php include (""); ?>
    which links from just one file for each common section so that if a menu link changes, you only have one "include" file to change and it gets inserted in every other main page. The main pages with the php code must be given .php extension, not .html
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