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Thread: Live Webcam Streaming Functionality [multiple users]

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    Live Webcam Streaming Functionality [multiple users]

    Dear user,

    I'm currently looking into the feasibility of creating a 720p streaming site for a niche market that I know would appreciate it. The problem is, I don't actually know the first thing about how to get the website to display a webcam or desktop stream for each registered user when they so choose.

    Could anybody with experience please link me to some information (or explain here) as to how this could be made possible, preferably with software like ManyCam or Procaster on my clients' PCs.

    As I understand it, Flash is able to interact with webcam devices but I wouldn't know the first thing about getting it to take that device and broadcast it.

    The site would be somewhat like ustream or livestream.


    EDIT: I have heard that FMS (Flash Media Server) can simplify this, but I'm not sure how to use it.
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    Re-up, need answer as well.

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