I was referred to this forum from an Excel forum that I frequent. I'm trying to determine if it would be possible or feasible to develop a website that would permit registered users to export local data from an excel file stored on their computer to the website. Essentially, the data would be linked with the user's account to be displayed at their discretion.

Regarding the export stage, I'd want it to be a little more than a simple file upload. For the website I have in mind, the user would be updating the local version of their excel file on a regular basis (about once a week for approximately 2-6 months). I'd like to build an add-on for excel that would allow the user to sync their local version of the file with the version stored in their profile on my website. It would be a lot like Google Cloud Connect for Office. The idea is that it would be a far more convenient way for the user to sync the data regularly. I'm not certain how much more demaning this would be on the hardware running the website.

Is this idea feasible? If so, can someone point me in the right direction?