Hi, Team WebDev.

I am a web developer who is concerned about our loss of freedom (Patriot Act), loss of jobs (globalism) and loss economic stability (Economic meltdown of 2008) in the U.S. In response to this concern, I founded the Progressive Leadership Action Network and have set up a website at http://planamerica.org which I encourage you to visit.

Now, I find that the website demands are growing beyond my ability to maintain it adequately and need your help. We need more jobs for everyone in America including web developers. Instead of trying to hold on to what we have, we should be striving to do better. If you want to help me develop this website to its full potential, I have a PLAN that will put us back on track to a sustainable future that provides the kind of economic stability we all need to feel secure in our careers.

You can either visit the website, http://planamerica.org, and leave your contact info in the Contact Us page or respond to this thread which I think will automatically notify me.

Thanks for your help in advance.