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Thread: Wordpress Plugins for Dating Sites

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    Wordpress Plugins for Dating Sites


    I know I'm new here, so sorry for the kinda weird first time post. Anyway, I'm making (or at least, trying to!) make a new dating website, except I suck at coding. So unsurprisingly I'm using Wordpress to build it and I'm trying to find a good plugin to handle the whole admin side of the dating site, like user approval, memberships, subscriptions etc. I can't find much on the wordpress forums so I thought I'd ask around to see if anyone has any suggestions for this? (Preferably free, I know, I'm a cheapskate).

    I did find one plugin here: which looks like it could be pretty good, and appears to be free, but to be honest I really have no idea. I'll probably give this a try and see how it goes for now. In the meantime, any suggestions you have would also be hugely appreciated. Thank you!

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    s2member is a very good plugin for membership sites. It would do in a pinch to get you started.

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