I'm trying to create a blog as a project for learning more about web development and I've been trying to learn how to create a blog from complete scratch as this seemed the best way to learn the minutiae involved in coding for the web.

Unfortunantly I can't find anything to help me that doesn't direct me to use something like wordpress to create a blog.

Keeping in mind that I'm doing this more as a learning project than an actual blog, am I better off just using wordpress or should I continue trying to learn from scratch?

And if I should continue learning from scratch, where is a goo place to start learning?

Or, is there a better type of web project besides a blog when it comes to learning the basics of web development?

All of your help is appreciated! I'm pretty much a noob to most of this and really just don't know where to start (I've recently been teaching myself HTML and CSS from a book I've bought and after that I hope to learn other things such PHP and JavaScript)

Sorry for any typos, had to write this on my phone.